About AMD Soap & Bath

Greetings! I'm Sherry, the mad creator behind AMD (A Misty Dimness) Soap & Bath in Watertown, South Dakota.

My journey with soap, lotions, and skincare began with an unyielding fascination, leading to the birth of A Misty Dimness Soap—an anagram of "Soap, it is my madness." In 2012, facing the challenges of severe cystic acne and my children's discomfort due to eczema, I grew weary of complicated and expensive skincare solutions. Determined to simplify, I delved into ingredient knowledge and streamlined my own routine. The result? In March 2014, I crafted my inaugural batch of soap, marking the turning point for my family's improved skin.

As AMD Soap flourished, I began to witness the transformative impact on others—how my creations changed skin conditions, simplified busy lives, and even boosted moods with delightful fragrances. This feedback ignited a passion to provide accessible, skin-friendly, and affordable skincare solutions for individuals navigating their hectic lives—a mission born from my own quest in 2012.

AMD Soap offered it's first soap for sale in July 2015. Lip balms were added in 2016. In 2019 we expanded to include foaming scrubs and shampoo bars, and finally added lotions in 2020. New products are always being researched and developed! 

Each ingredient in my products undergoes meticulous research, and every item is carefully considered for its utility, value, and personally tested by me. If it's not in my shower, I won't recommend it for yours.

Beyond the offerings available for purchase, I extend bespoke creations for group gifts, wedding or shower favors, and personalized scents or scent-free options. Discover the simplicity and goodness of skincare by reaching out to me through the Contact Page! Join me on this journey of self-care where quality meets affordability, and skincare becomes a joyful, effortless ritual.

When I'm not making or dreaming about soap, I work a full-time job in the engineering industry, I'm married to my best friend, and we have four children and two cats. I'm an avid book reader (you can follow my book reviews at @sherbsninny) and beer snob.

Stay Soapy!