Collection: February Collection

Introducing our enchanting February Bath & Body Collection, designed to lavish your senses during the month of love and joy. Embrace the wintry charm with our Frosted Cranberry series, including a luxurious sugar scrub, velvety lotion, nourishing body oil, and indulgent soap, all infused with the sweet essence of cranberries kissed by vanilla.

Feel serenity wash over you with our round Lavender soap, crafted to soothe the soul and elevate your bathing experience with its calming aroma and gentle cleansing properties.

For the adventurous spirit, we present Sasquatch Seduction soap, a playful nod to the mysterious creature in your life, enriched with rugged scents to invigorate the senses and evoke a sense of wild allure.

Finally, join us in celebrating Sherry's birthday month with our delightful Birthday Cake soap, a decadent treat to indulge in the sweet essence of celebration and joy - with no calories!

Indulge in luxury, celebrate the season, and pamper yourself or your loved ones with our February Bath & Body Collection—a delightful array of scents and sensations to enchant the senses and elevate your bathing ritual.